How to save money on your new armored construction vehicle

The next generation of armored construction vehicles is coming, and you’re not the only one.

The Defense Ministry has released a new study that details how to save more than $3,000 on your next vehicle.

The armored construction trucks, which are being produced in Israel and the United States, have been in the spotlight recently, after a pair of incidents in which the vehicles were used by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF says it will spend $500,000 in new upgrades to the vehicles and install more sensors to prevent attacks, but in recent weeks the IDF has also faced criticism for not providing enough security to the new armored vehicles, including using armored vehicles on the streets of the West Bank.

The Defense Ministry is offering to provide the vehicles to those who can afford them.

The report, titled “Israeli Armored Construction Equipment: A Guide for the Next Generation,” is being released by the Defense Ministry and was produced in collaboration with Israeli firm Axiom Partners.

The company said the cost for a new armored vehicle is around $3 million.

The new vehicles are not cheap, with a base price of around $9,000.

However, Axiom is offering the vehicles for a nominal price of $1,500.

According to the report, Israel has only about 7,000 armored construction jobs available.

Of those, only about 200 are being filled with the new vehicles, and the remaining about 100 are being reserved for other uses, such as maintenance and repair.

The IDF has been criticized for not fully protecting the new tanks in the occupied territories, with reports that the vehicles have been used to carry out attacks and carry out kidnappings.

In the past few months, Israel also faced several instances of armored vehicles being used to commit crimes in the West, including a video showing the kidnapping of a group of Israelis, which was published on YouTube.

The armored vehicles that were used in the attacks in Gaza have been replaced with more powerful armored vehicles.

The army has also increased the number of cameras that are installed on the vehicles, to prevent terrorist attacks from targeting soldiers in the armored vehicles when they are deployed.

The government has also released a guide for how to protect your new vehicle.

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