How the auto industry is making the world’s cars more fuel-efficient

More than 80 per cent of new car sales in the United States are now made with gas-powered engines.

And that means more and more cars are being produced with diesel engines.

But what’s the difference?

The main difference between gas-fired and diesel-powered vehicles is that, while gas-fueled engines use fuel from the atmosphere, diesel engines use electricity generated by burning natural gas or propane to generate electricity.

That means more energy is required to run the engine, meaning more fuel is used in the process.

That’s why a lot of people in the industry are concerned about the impact on the environment and public health of a switch to a new, less-polluting fuel.

“Diesel-powered cars are going to be the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions,” said John Ruh, a consultant with environmental group the Institute for Energy Research, which has worked with the auto companies.

“There is absolutely no question that diesel-powering is going to increase CO2.

That is an indisputable fact.”

The biggest contributor, according to the report, is the amount of energy required to power the engine itself, which can amount to between 20 per cent and 50 per cent more than a gas-electric hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

But diesel engines are a little more fuel efficient than gasoline engines.

That could be because they burn more fuel, which helps the engine get more power, or because they have a larger engine block that can be made smaller and lighter to get more weight in a given amount of fuel.

Both of those factors can reduce the amount CO2 that is released.

But the biggest driver of emissions, according the report’s authors, is how much energy is needed to drive the engine.

The report said the average amount of electricity required to make a new engine is around 50 megawatts, or 50,000 horsepower.

In comparison, a gasoline engine uses less than 2 megawatts.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, a new diesel engine uses up to 3.4 kilowatts of electricity to make power, while a gasoline-powered engine uses about 2.5 kilowatt-hours.

“The diesel fuel economy is about twice the efficiency of the gasoline engine,” said David S. Miller, a senior adviser at the Environmental Defense Fund.

Miller said that the report also found that diesel engines used less water and less fuel.

Miller also noted that many new vehicles built for the U.S. market in the past few years have been diesel engines, and that those engines can be as efficient as the gasoline engines they replace.

“That makes it a lot easier to make it more fuel friendly,” Miller said.

There are other factors at play, too, including the types of engines used, how much power the engines produce, and how well they are designed.

For instance, the study found that the fuel efficiency of a gasoline vehicle depends on how much oil it has left in the tank.

In contrast, a diesel engine, with all the air and fuel it takes to get that oil out, has no operating limitations, according a statement by the industry group, the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Association.

The same is true of the EPA’s new fuel efficiency standards, which are designed to reduce the total amount of CO2 emitted by the nation’s vehicles.

For the new standards, the fuel economy standards will include an annual efficiency standard for vehicles based on the average of a vehicle’s fuel economy over a year.

The new standards are expected to reduce CO2 emission by up to 9 per cent from 2025 to 2030.

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