How to get the best holiday in 2018

An unexpected winter snowstorm is forcing the UK to consider how to spend its Christmas and New Year, according to construction equipment manufacturers.

The UK has been hit by a spate of snowstorms since Christmas Eve and New Years Day, which has left the country unprepared for its annual New Year’s Eve fireworks, which usually draw thousands to the streets.

The problem has been compounded by the country’s heavy reliance on diesel generators, which are not yet fully up and running.

A number of companies have warned of problems with diesel generators that will not be solved overnight, but are taking measures to minimise the impact on the British economy.

The government is urging businesses to use a variety of ways to prepare for Christmas and will offer subsidies for generators, such as up to £2,000 to those using diesel generators for the first time.

This comes after a study by the Institute of Economic Affairs found that businesses were spending £30bn more than anticipated on fuel, after a surge in demand and increased fuel prices.

The Royal Institute of British Engineers (RIBE) said the cost of diesel generators to the economy has been £8.3bn over the past three years.

This was mainly due to increased demand for diesel fuel and increased demand caused by a fall in power demand, which was offset by lower demand for coal and gas for power generation, according the RIBE.

A government spokesperson said the government had made an effort to provide additional support for businesses, and that it was “working to ensure the most efficient use of available resources”.

The Royal Society of Arts, Design and Engineering said the number of projects that were “on track to meet their financial targets” had risen from the last financial year.

This includes the installation of about 70,000 new generators in the last five years.

The RSIBE said the increased use of diesel power would have a negative impact on business, especially those businesses that generate electricity to run appliances and other machinery.

The study also found that the number that were on track to reach their financial target fell by 8% in 2018, and would be lower in 2019.

This means that it is unlikely that businesses will receive any subsidy for diesel generators this year.

A spokesman for the RSIFE said the “challenge is to ensure businesses are prepared for a period of disruption to business during a major winter”.

This will mean some businesses are likely to need to postpone the start of the season.

This is due to the new government’s decision to limit the amount of fuel that can be imported into the UK.

It is not known when the restrictions will be lifted.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released a statement saying it is “working with industry, the public and businesses to improve the resilience of our electricity network”.

The DECC said the new measures are designed to ensure that businesses are not left behind and that businesses can remain competitive and have the best chance of being able to deliver on their commitments.

“A spokesman added: “DECC is working closely with the industry and the public to ensure there is a robust, resilient and efficient network for business and the environment.

This winter is set to be one of the worst in the UK’s recorded history, with a range of conditions impacting on businesses and consumers across the country.”DECC will continue to work closely with business, government and industry to help businesses adapt to the winter’s disruption.

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