A Lad Bible reader, who was born without a left arm, gets a prosthetic arm

A construction worker with a left-handedness problem has his prosthetic arms restored after being diagnosed with congenital left-arm paralysis.

The Lad Bible said the 26-year-old, who lives in the city of Oruro, had his right hand amputated when he was just nine months old.

He had hoped to become a construction worker but was unable to.

His prosthetic was made of a pair of artificial arms that he had made for himself and fitted with a battery.

He is now able to work at a construction site with a prosthesis.

His wife, who has a left hand, said her husband had no idea he had the condition until she saw his prosthesis when he had a meeting.

“He was in shock.

He was so nervous.

He didn’t know what to say,” she said.”

But then we realised that he has a congenital condition and he can’t work.

He couldn’t do the jobs that he likes to do, he couldn’t build the things that he loves.

He’s really struggling.”

The Lad said his wife was relieved he could get his prostheses.

“The people around us are so proud of him, and we are so happy that he can get his hands back,” he said.

“It’s the best news that we could have hoped for.”

The construction worker’s family had donated his right arm to the community when he first received it.

Since then, he has been working at the site to make up for lost time and to improve his disability.

“I used to be able to pick things up from the ground, so I was able to get around in the car.

But now I have a prosthetised arm, so when I want to pick something up, I can,” he added.

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