The first time I got the Venus Construction Equipment, I was too excited to know what to expect

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I wanted to get the construction equipment so I could get home.

My husband and I were driving through this place.

This was the biggest construction project I’ve ever seen.

And it was amazing.

And this was the largest structure in the world that had ever been built.

And the people working on this thing were so talented.

And they did an amazing job.

But we were so excited that we went to bed at midnight.

And we had to go back in the morning to find out what had happened.

And when we woke up, we couldn’t believe it.

This is really incredible.

And here we were, standing on the top of a structure that was actually taller than a five-story building, so it was the tallest building in the whole world.

And I thought, Oh, my gosh, I’m dreaming.

But it wasn’t.

And then I woke up in a bed and the first thing I did was look down and I was amazed at the fact that I was looking up.

And there were people on the other side of this building.

And one of them had an umbrella.

And she said, You are not dreaming.

You’re really here.

You can hear me, you can hear this person, you hear this other voice.

And that was really important.

And what I realized is that you don’t have to be dreaming to be here.

And so I woke my husband up and I said, What are we going to do?

And he said, Well, what are we doing?

And I said no, I don’t want to do anything.

I said I don.

I want to be a part of it.

So I said let’s go up to the top and see.

And he was so excited because he thought, This is amazing.

But then I saw it.

And my husband and his family were in a hotel room and they said, Why is there so much rubble?

And we were like, No, we didn’t hear anything.

And suddenly, it just stopped.

And, you know, there was a lot of rubble.

And as we walked back down the street we saw a lot more rubble.

The entire building collapsed.

And everyone was so confused.

And everybody was asking me why.

And just like the people in the hotel room, I said why?

And then we saw the debris coming down the road.

And a guy who had been working for this construction company, he had been on the first two floors and was getting a massage.

And his car was in the debris.

And all of a sudden, there’s a car coming out of the debris, it’s going through the debris and he sees this guy in the car.

And in the backseat of his car he had a knife.

And like, That guy is going to cut this guy up.

I’m not going to kill this guy.

And nobody is going any further.

So that was the first time in my life, when I was dreaming, I saw that person.

And once I realized that, I didn’t want him to cut me up.

Because I didn: No, I wouldn’t want that.

So we went back down.

And after that, we went out the back of the building.

We saw this little building that had fallen apart.

And because of the way the debris was falling, we were able to see all of the windows.

And our son said, Dad, the glass is falling on the people.

The people are going to get killed.

And right as I was saying, I started to feel so scared.

I didn the door.

I was scared.

And finally, I reached the door, I took a deep breath and said, I’ve got to get out.

And even though we couldn.

I mean, it was all very scary.

And if I hadn’t had that umbrella, I probably wouldn’t have gone out the door that night.

And of course, we both felt so bad for him.

So after we left, my husband was crying and saying, Mom, my life is so over.

And everything I did, I felt bad for that.

But I’m here, and we’re going to be OK.

And now, I have to do everything I can.

And every day I have, I feel like I’m putting my life in danger.

And you know what?

If I don, my whole life could be in danger again.

And how could you feel that way?

I know I don to a point, but I’m still going to have to.

I just have to stay here and fight for this.

Because it’s important that we keep fighting for this and keep going.

And eventually, I’ll be OK because I’ll have my job.

I’ll still be able to make money and have the family that I want.

And God knows what will happen

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