New South Wales building boom boosts construction jobs, wages

New South, Australia—The construction sector of Australia has been booming for years, with a record number of construction jobs posted last year.

With the construction industry so heavily reliant on the mining industry, many of those jobs were outsourced to overseas.

The result has been a massive expansion of construction companies across the country.

This has led to a rise in wages for workers who are not in construction, but have some construction work experience, according to the Australian Institute of Mining and Energy.

But a report released by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday indicates that many workers are still struggling to find work.

The report, titled Construction Labor Force Growth, 2017-2018, estimates that construction workers earn on average $1.15 an hour more than those who work in the non-construction sector, according a chart.

The average pay gap is $1,077 per week, but the gap is much larger for construction workers.

Construction industry workers make $2,079 per week while non-contractor workers make just $1 per hour.

The chart shows the median hourly earnings for construction and non-factory workers, which was $1 an hour in the early years of the boom.

Construction workers have also made more money over the past decade.

In 2018, construction workers made $3,065 more per week than non-Construction workers.

However, that was a drop of nearly 12% from the previous year.

Construction employment grew to a record high in 2016, and has continued to grow as the mining boom has picked up pace.

The construction sector grew at a rapid pace during the construction boom, with construction jobs in New South Australia alone accounting for more than one in four jobs in 2017.

The growth in construction employment has also been accompanied by a rise of wages for construction industry workers.

The increase in construction worker wages has resulted in a drop in the median pay of construction workers from $1 to $1 in the last decade.

Construction worker wages have also been on a rapid rise since the boom began, with the median wage growing by 13% from 2006 to 2019.

However there have also also been wage cuts for workers in the construction sector.

This year, the construction workers wage cuts are estimated to be worth $9,868, or 15% of the $16,972 median wage, the report said.

The rise in construction workers wages has not been evenly spread across the construction industries, with non-mining industry workers making less than $3.75 per hour in 2019 and construction workers earning $2.73 per hour by 2019.

Construction construction workers are often the most vulnerable workers in Australia’s construction industry.

The Australian Construction Association estimates that more than 90% of construction employees have experienced some form of job loss since the construction booms began.

Construction companies in Australia, including BHP Billiton, have a history of laying off workers who have no experience of construction work.

Construction work in Australia has a long and storied history.

Many of the workers who made the most of the construction jobs were from the mining and mining-related industries, including mining engineers and mine engineers, as well as the construction of the first railway in Australia.

However many workers in these industries have lost their jobs in the boom years as well, including construction workers, who have also faced cuts in wages and other forms of wage cuts.

The building boom has also brought a flood of foreign workers into Australia.

Foreign workers are the backbone of the building industry, and Australia’s new mining boom is bringing in more than $2 billion in foreign direct investment each year.

The influx of foreign labor has been particularly significant for construction companies, with companies such as BHP and ANZ all announcing that they are looking for new staff in their construction areas.

In 2019, the number of foreign employees in construction increased to more than 2,000.

In the first half of 2018, the Australian Construction Industry Association estimated that foreign workers account for nearly one in six of all construction workers in New Zealand.

Construction employers have long had a difficult time attracting workers from outside the mining, mining- related and construction industries.

However construction industry employers have also become more adept at attracting foreign workers, with some companies moving to hire foreign workers directly rather than hire workers through recruitment agencies.

In Australia, construction industry companies have also struggled with the increasing number of Australian workers, particularly those who are young.

The unemployment rate for workers under 25 has risen to 5.4% in 2018, from 4.8% in 2016.

The number of unemployed workers in construction industry has also risen to 3.4 million in 2018 from 2.9 million in 2016 according to data from the Bureau of Statistics.

The rate for construction employment is also on the rise, with 4,000 more people in the sector in 2018 compared to 2017.

Construction employees in Australia make an average of $1 a hour more per day than their non-employment counterparts, and a little

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