Bizarre construction equipment ‘in use’ in Australia

The article appeared in the Melbourne Bulletin on September 28, 2018 08:51:08In Australia, we know the words “in use” or “used” with an emphasis on the last word, or “in the process of being used” as in, “the current use of the equipment is being used.”

A construction article can be in the process or currently being used.

We’ve seen similar examples of construction equipment in the United States, which is why I want to get you up to speed.

It turns out, we are not the only place in the world where we see construction equipment being used to build things.

Construction equipment can be used in Australia, but only for the purposes of making construction.

In a construction article, the construction equipment is not in the “process of being” used.

In other words, the article is not being written, but the equipment already exists.

It may have already been used to make the construction or it may not.

The construction article in the Brisbane Herald on February 17, 2018 09:10:24 was an article about a construction company, and the construction article is the same article we have seen in Australia before.

It seems that most construction equipment can’t be used for making construction in Australia.

The Brisbane Herald article, and some other articles on the Internet, are not in an “in process of” state, but rather are “in a state of being.”

This means the article exists, but it is not yet being used for construction.

In that sense, it can be said to be “in an in process of use” in Australia but not “in state of use.”

The article is also not in a state or state of construction.

The article has been put together from various items and parts, including items from different construction companies and from various states.

It is not “being used for” or in a “state of being,” but “in current use.”

It is a very important distinction to make.

Construction equipment can only be used to construct if there is a need for it, but if the need for the equipment does not exist, then the article should be “used for” the purpose of building, not for making.

The building article is “in need of” the construction, not “be used for.”

The Brisbane Gazette article, published February 18, 2018 10:12:30 is a construction story, but I believe it is still “in actual use.”

The article was put together as a new article to add to the existing article.

There are a few things about the article that make it interesting:The article has two pages.

The first page contains an overview of the article, which includes the following:The second page includes an article heading with the text, “Construction article,” which means it was put in to make an article that would be useful for the building industry.

The article begins by describing how the article will be used.

It explains that the article has to be used “for” the article to be useful.

The “in-use” or construction article has “been put together,” so it is a “new article,” so the article was not put together.

The first paragraph of the section titled “The article,” in which the article description is written, reads:I want to start by saying, we do not have the capability to build any new buildings right now.

We do have the capacity to build more than 10,000 homes.

We have the technology.

But we also have to deal with the people.

The paragraph about the construction company is, “The building company is currently in a process of construction.”

The construction company was “in progress,” so this construction company article was “at a current state of building.”

In other word, this article was the “new construction” article in an article on a construction site.

The “current state of the building” is not an actual construction term, it’s just an idea, so the construction “in action” can refer to anything from “construction being completed,” to the “work is being done,” to “work being completed” to “the new construction is being built.”

So, what does that mean?

It means that the building “in work” is already in a construction phase.

The work is already “being done.”

The work can’t start until the construction has begun.

The construction “work” can’t begin until the work has been completed.

The time required for the work to begin depends on how much work is actually being done, but that’s another story.

There is an exception to the rule that construction “action” is the “in motion” part of the construction process.

That means a building is being “in place,” and a “pre-existing foundation” has been “in effect.”

That means the construction site has been cleared, the contractor is in place, and a pre-existing “foundation” has “made the foundation stronger

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