Why you should be looking at merlo construction machinery

The Merlo Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (MCEA) is looking to expand into the construction industry, with a new listing on the website of the MCEA International, the organisation’s US affiliate.

The listing, published by the company’s website on Tuesday, is titled “Merlo Construction equipment and related accessories, construction equipment list”.

According to the listing, the Merlo equipment list contains over 20,000 products including:Merlo construction machines (Merlo Tractor and Trailer) -Merlo machine tools (Merlots) -Molecord -Mossy -Molten salt -Molybdenum -Paint & finish tools -Painted metal parts -Piping -Steel parts -Stainless steel -Titanium, copper, titanium, copper alloy -Titanite -Vinyl -Ceramic (Vinyl) -Electrical fittings -HVAC equipment -Hanging brackets and brackets (Hanging brace) -Hangings -Metal and wood framing systems (Hangers) -Tin shingles -Vacuum insulation (Vacuums) -Watertight sealing equipment (Hoses) -Vapor barrier sealers (Vassels) -Wiring assemblies (Wiring equipment)Merlo products are manufactured and sold by the MCPI Group of Companies, which is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The MCEI International, founded in 2012, has about 50,000 members across the United States.

The Merlots list includes over 13,000 Merlo machines, while the Molten Salt list includes around 9,000 machines, with the other Merlo products sold in Canada.

The Merlo website says the Merlot list has been updated to include the Merlot machine tool as an example of Merlo machinery, while other Merlot products have been added.

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