How to get the best value for your building materials

The value of building materials can vary widely depending on where you live.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, experts say.

In a new video series, FOX Sports provides step-by-step guides on how to find the best possible value for every piece of construction equipment you’ll ever need.

We’ve compiled the most important building materials for your home.

Find the most valuable items in our infographic below:1.

Aluminum foil2.



Corrugated cardboard5.

Aluminum duct tape6.

Metal sheeting7.

Plastic sheeting8.


Glass tubing10.

Tile wall studs11.

PVC pipe12.

PVC pipes13.

PVC tubing14.

PVC conduit15.

PVC sheeting16.

Tile flooring17.

Tile sheeting18.

Vinyl sheeting19.

Vinyl carpet20.

Vinyl flooring21.

Vinyl carpets22.

Vinyl foam23.

Vinyl tile24.

Vinyl vinyl25.

Vinyl plaster26.

Plastic flooring27.

Plastic tile tile28.

Plastic vinyl tile29.

Vinyl cement30.

Vinyl concrete tile31.

Plastic concrete tile32.

Vinyl wood tile33.

Vinyl oak tile34.

Vinyl maple tile35.

Vinyl walnut tile36.

Vinyl ash tile37.

Vinyl balsa wood tile38.

Vinyl pine tile39.

Vinyl sand tile40.

Vinyl spruce tile41.

Vinyl corrugated steel tile42.

Plastic plywood tile43.

Plastic corrugating wood tile44.

Plastic siding tile45.

Plastic brick tile46.

Plastic glass tile47.

Plastic masonry tile48.

Plastic wood board tile49.

Plastic sand tile50.

Plastic metal tile51.

Plastic plastic tile52.

Plastic asphalt tile53.

Plastic slate tile54.

Plastic aluminum tile55.

Plastic polyethylene tile56.

Plastic ceramic tile57.

Plastic water tile58.

Plastic steel tile59.

Plastic cement tile60.

Plastic fiberglass tile61.

Plastic glazed concrete tile62.

Plastic stone tile63.

Plastic reinforced concrete tile64.

Plastic terra cotta tile65.

Plastic terracotta tile66.

Plastic marble tile67.

Plastic turf tile68.

Plastic white tile69.

Plastic granite tile70.

Plastic yellow tile71.

Plastic bamboo tile72.

Plastic clay tile73.

Plastic plaster tile74.

Plastic tin tile75.

Plastic stained tile76.

Plastic limestone tile77.

Plastic spruce plywood tiles78.

Plastic tar tile79.

Plastic tarmac tile80.

Plastic PVC tile81.

Plastic carpet tile82.

Plastic cork tile83.

Plastic oak tile84.

Plastic beech tile85.

Plastic walnut plywood floors86.

Plastic shingles tile87.

Plastic rusted concrete tile88.

Plastic gravel tile89.

Plastic mud tile90.

Plastic ash tile91.

Plastic pumice tile92.

Plastic soil tile93.

Plastic bricks tile94.

Plastic earth tile95.

Plastic cardboard tile96.

Plastic paper tile97.

Plastic roof tile98.

Plastic straw tile99.

Plastic firewood tile100.

Plastic paint tile101.

Plastic canvas tile102.

Plastic netting103.

Plastic rope tile104.

Plastic jigsaw tile105.

Plastic tiles tile106.

Plastic board tiles tile107.

Plastic door tile108.

Plastic plank tile109.

Plastic sawdust tile110.

Plastic trash tile111.

Plastic toilet tile112.

Plastic garbage tile113.

Plastic tree tile114.

Plastic planter tile115.

Plastic post tile116.

Plastic rafter tile117.

Plastic sidewalk tile118.

Plastic deck tile119.

Plastic patio tile120.

Plastic screen tile121.

Plastic window tile122.

Plastic wall tile123.

Plastic ceiling tile124.

Plastic table tile125.

Plastic tabletop tile126.

Plastic barricade tile127.

Plastic picnic table tile128.

Plastic bucket tile129.

Plastic ice chest tile130.

Plastic grill tile131.

Plastic bench tile132.

Plastic hanger tile133.

Plastic barbecue tile134.

Plastic fence tile135.

Plastic shed tile136.

Plastic garage tile137.

Plastic pool tile138.

Plastic road tile139.

Plastic garden terrace tile140.

Plastic sink tile141.

Plastic laundry tile142.

Plastic kitchen tile143.

Plastic backyard tile144.

Plastic basement tile145.

Plastic loft tile146.

Plastic log wall tile147.

Plastic lumber plank tile148.

Plastic molding tile149.

Plastic pipe tile150.

Plastic slab tile151.

Plastic truck tile152.

Plastic truss tile153.

Plastic timber plank tile154.

Plastic workbench tile155.

Plastic drywall tile156.

Plastic insulation tile157.

Plastic iron plank tile158.

Plastic pine plywood Tile title All the best building materials you’ll need for your house article When you start looking for the best materials to use, be sure to always pay attention to the types of materials you’re buying.

Here are the top four types of building material:1.)

Aluminum foilThe main ingredient for building materials, aluminum foil, is made of two types of copper: copper oxide and zinc oxide. Aluminum

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